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True Product Protection with Modular Boxes (TMB)

  • These multi-purpose material handling containers are vacuum formed from extruded HDPE sheet.
  • All products available in prime virgin, post industrial or post consumer materials.
  • Plastic containers that are vacuum formed are inherently stress-free and virtually indestructible.
  • Our modular boxes have a reputation for working in the most abusive conditions without breaking or cracking.
  • These boxes are designed to stack easily with or without a lid, for true product protection.
  • Our stock color is gray, but virtually any color can be provided by special request.
  • All products listed can also be manufactured from anti-static, static dissipative, or conductive materials.
  • If our standard or special size modular boxes will not solve your problems, we can custom manufacture a product that will.

Modular Box Lids (TML)

  • In addition to providing a secure stacking surface, our lids are engineered to have a “snap-fit,” yet are easily removable.
  • Our standard sized lids are available in either our stock gray HDPE or transparent PETG.

Dividers (TMD)

  • Dividers are die-cut from our stock gray HDPE.
  • All standard sized dividers have vertical interlocking grooves on 1 ¼” centers.
  • Our standard size modular boxes can be subdivided into compartments as small as 1-1/8” by 1-1/8” or multiples thereof.

Spacers (TMS)

  • Spacers are die-cut from our stock gray HDPE and function as horizontal, mid-container dividers.
  • Spacers can also double as a low-cost lid.

Ticket Holders (TH)

  • Also known as card holders, Ticket Holders attach to the outside of the modular tote box, identifying the contents.
  • Ticket Holders are attached with heavy-duty industry-grade snap fasteners on standard centers.
  • Ticket Holders are white vinyl with clear fronts and come in a wide range of sizes.

Kal Plastics has a wide variety of containers from which to choose. If you do not find what you are looking for in our catalog, we will custom design a product that will meet you requirements.

Utility Boxes

Like our Modular Box Line, all of our various Utility Boxes are Vacuum Formed from gray HDPE and enjoy the same reputation for being virtually indestructible. Of course, any color can be provided by special request. Meat Lugs (ML) and Utility Boxes (UB)

  • Widely used in restaurant, food, and meat handling industries.
  • Nest when empty for easy storage; stackable with lids.

Stack and Next Boxes (SN)

  • These utility boxes are engineered to stack when loaded without a lid and nest when empty to conserve space.
  • Great for return/reuse applications.

Small Parts Trays (SP)

  • Handy for solving small parts separation problems.

Masonry Boxes or Crete Mixers (CM)

  • Most commonly used for mixing cement.
  • Extremely light weight.

Pull Boxes (PB)

  • Feature molded – in handles for easy handling.
  • Excellent in assembly lines, conveyors, or automated racks.

High Density Polyethylene Specifications (HDPE)

  • Acid – HDPE is 100% corrosion proof and inert to all acids, alkalis, and solvents.
  • Longevity – Low cost/all purpose material means years of product life expectancy.
  • Temperature – Will not chip, shatter, or split from heavy blows over a temperature range of -180° to +250°F.
  • Cleaning – easily cleaned, sterilized, and decontaminated. May be autoclaved and used in automatic dishwashers using strong detergents.
  • Food – HDPE is approved for contact with food.
  • Abrasion – Highly abrasion resistant. No small particles of or fibers to wear off and contaminate materials.
  • Colors – Colors will not chip or wear off.

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